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Propliner Aviation Magazine was first launched in January 1979 as a journal devoted to piston-engined and turboprop aircraft. Today the magazine still concentrates upon those classic airliners of a bygone age, the magnificent Constellations, Britannias, Stratocruisers, Convairliners, Viscounts and Douglas piston types that once dominated the world’s air routes. Long since relegated to less glorious work, many of these fine aircraft still fly today, and our magazine seeks to rekindle memories of the golden era, whilst spotlighting the activities of contemporary piston and turboprop operators. Published quarterly, each issue contains over one hundred good quality photographs reproduced in black and white and colour, illustrating articles from all over the world. Regular features include ‘Prop News’ and ‘The Independents’, which keep readers abreast of developments both within the UK and elsewhere from around the globe. Produced purely as a hobby by a group of enthusiasts, “Propliner” is available worldwide by subscription, and can be obtained by completing the form and sending it, with your remittance, to our Subscriptions Department, or by purchasing a subscription through our Online Shop.

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